What were your accomplishments and achievements in the past years?

2013: I was selected as Child Legislator of the 9th Parliament of the Girls and Boys of Mexico for the 8th Federal Electoral District of Oaxaca, for defend Kids Rights, specially education, combating poverty and violence and seeking for equal rights for everyone.
-2013: I started with my campaings “Girls and Boys to the Rescue” that to this day I continue doing.
+#RetoEduca: I managed to build two schools in very poor areas of Oaxaca so that children have quality education, at this moment I´m raising money to build the third one.
+NUTRI-KIDS: the collection and sale of PET, helping to reduce environmental pollution. With the money obtained, food is bought for the rural schools so the children will always have their breakfast and achieve a better performance in the classroom. This program is helping 140 children.
+#YoSoyGigi: I supports children and young who are in detention and social reintegration centers, with the manufacture of yarn dolls that she sells with friends and family, with the money they can pay their studies online and also  with  their families necessities. This project also include a plan of conferences to inspire young people to become activists.
+GIVE US SMILES, DONATE A TOY: Collection of toys every year for children to have a gift during the holidays. Collecting 15,000 toys
+SAY NO TO BULLYING: Performance in schools so that children can visually see clearly how someone looks like when bullying others and the most important thing is to make children break the silence to get help. Generating a culture of peace. Thanks to this performances, cases of child abuse were detected. Together with the Municipal DIF taking turns protecting and caring for abused minors. We achieved to performed in 132 schools with a total of 80,000 children.
-2015: Selected for the Local Board of the National Electoral Institute to promote the political and cultural participation
-2015: National Runner-up in the Youth Political Debate Contest, held in Ixtapan de la Sal, State of Mexico and organized by the Mexican Institute of Youth.
-2016:National Runner-up in the oratory contest “Lic. Benito Juárez García”.
-2016: Awarded with honorable mention by the Youth Institute of the State of Oaxaca, in the State Youth Award contest in the distinction of Social Work
-2016: Selected as Promoter in the 10th edition of the Parliament of Girls and Boys of Mexico of the National Electoral Institute.
-2016: National Champion in the Youth Political Debate Contest, held in the city of Morelia, Michoacán, with only thirteen years of age being the youngest in the history of the contest to win 1st place.
-2017: I was awarded with the National Youth Award, which is the highest award, given by the Government of México to a Young person for their work towards their Country.
-2017 and 2018: I was invited by the Mexican Youth Institute to give a cycle of national conferences in the States of Guerrero, Mexico City and Oaxaca
-I´m member of the Citizen Council for Youth Participation of the State of Oaxaca 2018-2021.
-2018: I was nominated internationally by KidsRights for the “International Children’s Peace Prize” which is considered the Nobel Peace Prize for kids.
-2019: I was part of the the National English Honor Society where she I was the Director of Public Relations.
-2019: Awarded by the Secretary for Women by the Government of Oaxaca with the recognition “Great Women, Great Stories”, for being the youngest girl to have a social trajectory in support of the most vulnerable groups.
2019: I founded the 1st Youth Volunteering of the Municipal Dif of Oaxaca de Juárez to support children and young people in vulnerable conditions in the defense of their rights
-2019: Named International Director of Youth of the Global Network of Young Politicians, with presence in 28 countries.
-2019: I was Principal Speaker at PRE COP25 in Chile
-2020: Principal Speaker at the International Summit of Young Leaders of SDGs in Puerto Rico.
-2020: Principal Speaker at the International Summit in the “PLAN30” A Call to Action, of the International Youth Organization of Spain
-2020: Nominated again for the “International Children’s Peace Prize”
-2021: This year I founded my non-profit organization MÉXICO POR LOS NIÑOS, in order to assist and help more children who are at risk in my country and in the world.
-2021: Top 3 of the RANKING OF “20 Latinas con Voz” being recognized as one of the women with the most influential voice in Latin America by the International Organization Todas con voz.
-2021: Recognized as “Leader Woman 2021” by the International Organization World Network of Young Politicians, New York .
-2021: I´m member of the First Youth Advisory Council of the Secretariat for Oaxacan Women for the prevention and eradication of gender violence against girls and adolescents in the state of Oaxaca.

What areas of your work you think you could improve on?

Personally, I think that any work can  be improved, because we need to adapt it to the needs of others to do a good job. We must always consider putting ourselves in the place of others and starting from empathy, solidarity and innovation to achieve any goal that we have, but one of the most important thing is to know how to work as a team. So i´m going to create more alliances to help more sectors.

What are your goals for working in your submitted Project?

In my organization, I want to to open Directions of the Organization for each state of Mexico (32 states), so in that way the campaigns that I have carried out since 2013 could turn in massive aid programs.
Also, one of my goals is create an International Platform promote the SDGs and inspire children who want to start social activism, because sometimes is very difficult as a child, being listening by other ones when we want to achieve something.
I will create programs for help from any area of ​​development, that is why we also promote culture, art and sport. Because this activities are really important to realize a good human development.
I´m goint to started a new campaign to promote the participation of girls in sports. I practice mountain bike and I have realized that there are very few girls participating, because the society still believe that is a sport for men, and this one is the example of many othe sports.
I will build the third classroom for myprogram #RETOEDUCA.
Also, I´m writing a book, about the importance of human rights in collaboration with young people, that we will publish as a Organization.
Any proposal is welcome, any member of our Organization can start a new project with the help of our entire community.

Write about yourself and about achieving your goals?

I consider myself a very persistend and determinated person to achieve my goals, I never stop trying until I achieve it. Also, I created my own method to do my goal, set short, medium and long-term goals, because I think that maybe one step not take us to our final goal, but it makes us move where we want to achieve.