Ayesha J Bibha is an Australian Bangladeshi Thought Leader on agility, resilience, insights and mindspeed. For over 15 years, she walked an ambitious path as a mom, teacher, consultant, researcher, and advisor across the globe.

Ayesha has solid national and international experience designing and delivering learning solutions to develop leadership capabilities for corporate leaders and academics. Using insightful language and neuroscience-based strategies, she facilitates the formula, Mindspeed = Mind x (Time + Energy), by reprogramming the success state for professional and personal growth.

A few of Ayesha’s accomplishments include speaking at the Global Speakers Summit in 2018, the Philippine International Leadership Symposium in 2018, the TEDx Talk in 2019, and the HRLEADer Online Summit in 2020. She delivered blended facilitation sessions for over 5,000 participants from all six continents. Currently, Ayesha is teaching the ‘Head and Heart of Leadership’ course at the University of Denver, pursuing a Doctor in Business Administration (DBAR) study and working on her second book. Her most recent personal achievement is the science-based personal leadership book, Mindspeed – how ambitious leaders cleverly use their minds over time and energy, published in November 2020.

In her speaking, writing and advising, Ayesha’s number one intention is to direct people’s perspectives toward the future, as many of us are stuck in the past or present—and, thus, confused. She is obsessed with igniting insightful thinking in others that challenge their current mindspeed to direct towards new possibilities.