Maria, Founder and Managing Director of Maria Cristina Foundation is a social entrepreneur turned endurance athlete and became the first and only Portuguese Woman to successfully summit Mt. Everest and complete expeditions to the last degree of the North and South Poles. Maria’s grit and gumption have been the key to her winning 8 Guinness World Records for running Marathons,Ultramarathons and Ironman Triathlons.
Maria leads by example. Through her life’s journey, she has never taken no for an answer and has always found a way through seemingly impossible barriers. She indeed personifies innovation and leadership.
Maria continues to transform lives across the globe through her motivational workshops and inspirational talks and empowers you to believe in aiming higher for yourself and others.
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Mulher Inspiradora Running Category Revista Activa 2021
Women of Substance Dubai Women Run 2018
Barbie Role Model Award Portugal 2017
GQ Portugal Women of the Year 2016
Cosmopolitan Female Role Model 2015
Cidadao Nobre Portugal 2015
Louvor Nobre Casa da Cidadania 2014
Runner Up Humanitarian Women of the Year by Inspiring Women Belgium 2014
Inspiring Change Award International Gulf Organization 2014
Sustainability Leadership Award 2013
The Special Mention for Child Welfare by Petrochem 2012
Most Inspiring Women of the GCC by Kraft
Voted Alhan Hot 100 Entrepreneur in UAE 2010
Emirates Women of the Year 2009
Emirates Humanitarian Women of the Year 2009
Most Exceptional and Innovative European Women of the Year 2007

Sports Achievements

First and Only Portuguese Women to Summit Everest 2013
First and Only Portuguese to complete and The Last Degree Expedition to North and South Pole
8 x Guinness World Record Holder 2017
6 Full Ironmans in 6 Continents in 56 days 2017