What were your accomplishments and achievements in the past years?

Year of 2018(14 years old):
1. Founded teen-lead organization《CULTUREDU FLUENT Non-Profit Association》and connect professionals, experts and beneficiaries
2. Started to bring in Model United Nation and idea of SDGs to the middle school community, working in MUN related international NGOs as mentors

Year of 2019 (15 years old):
1. Interviewed over 50+ cross-cultural related interviewee (Cross-culture relationship, cultural identity issues)
2. Participated and represented in over 10+ international events
3. Host and initiator of NTUST (Local college in Taiwan)《Project Let’s Talk》broadcasting & speaking event with Zhishan Junior High School
4. Collaborated with director Chu from《GENE YOUNG 3D IMAGE CO.,LTD》 on《Formosa Taiwan 3D project》
5. Staff writer & contributor of Asian community global literacy magazine 《Miscalcul[a]sian》working with the Asian community around the world in over 50+ countries & Special project co-lead
6. Volunteered in 《Lung YingTai cultural foundation》and several other non-profit & Host and lead thinking salons to uplift The Greater China region teen and civilians

Year of 2020 (16 years old):
1. Initiated the CULTUREDU FLUENT 《Global Network Project》
2. Collaborated with New Taipei City Government & NTUST (National Taiwan university of technology and science) on 《New Immigration Next
Generation Project》
3. Represented and participated in over 30+ international events (Reporters without borders)
4. Recognized as 《2020 Formosa Girls Award Finalists》
5. Granted and recognized as 《2020 European Forum Alpbach》 Taiwan representative scholarship holder

Year of 2021 (17 years old):
1. Initiated the CULTUREDU FLUENT The Voice of the pandas (Invite teen innovators around the world to engage in talks and conversations)
2. Spoke, participated and represented in over 50+ online & physical international & national events
3. Recognized as founding member of 《Enfotrip》start-up company & Joined《The Islanders》news
4. Worked as community influencers in《Crimson Education》
5. Recognized as 2021 Advantech Co., Ltd ACT Dreamer Honor
6. Recognized as 2021 The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Dedication Award Bronze medal
7. Recognized as 2021 We Are Family Foundation Youth to the Front Fund Front-liners (Granted $5000 USD)

I have worked as a teen civic journalist, teen activist and teen leader to uplift the teenage community for an inclusive environment of all voices, ethnicity and “differences” of people to eliminate misunderstanding and misinterpretation between different cultures.  

What areas of your work you think you could improve on?

1. Increasing our focus on immigration labor and further advance labor law
2. The digitization transformation of NGOs and NPOs  
3. Advance issues to government agencies as constitution laws
4. 《New Immigration Next Generation Project》: Long term observation and cooperation with local schools
5.《New Immigration Next Generation Project》: Cooperate with professionals, counselors and teachers
6.Partner to reach a new audience: Increase nonprofit’s visibility
7.Bring work to popular events: Large numbers participants to an “open” event such as big gathering events or protests
8.Improving efficiency and effectiveness of Non-profit
9. Enhance team structure and credibility
10.Sustainable model of funding and financing

What are your goals for working in your submitted Project?

Political journalism and advocacy for activism:
1. Increase transparency on non-partisan conversation between different political conversation from people with different political background.
2. Increase mass power via social media, internet or any online platform
3.More media coverage and positive reputation in bigger cooperation for more credibility and visibility

1. Expand to a brooder scale with cooperation and partnership with bigger operations and NGOs and NPOs
2. Implement “real law and policy changes” through our established relationship with governmental agencies
3. Add in more professionals such as counselors, teachers and experts for our social issues and experimental use on immigration related projects

Write about yourself and about achieving your goals?

I have always valued the discourse power of a journalist, standing in the fourth estate to supervise the government for the people’s welfare. As I served as an information hub of the international social movement with civic journalists during high school and co-created start-up companies for media literacy for civilians and students, I will want to create a media-tech company to increase media transparency and implement an effective non-partisan online political conversation. Other than that, I would like to expand my CULTUREDU FLUENT NGO in a broader skill and keep on my SDG work with various NPOs and NGOs locally and internationally.

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